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Hello!!! Thanks for finding your way to my site.  I figure I  will use my first blog post ever to introduce myself.   My name is Kathy Linford and I live in beautiful Spokane, Washington.  I have been married to my main squeeze for 30 years.  We got engaged after a month of dating so I guess it worked out 🙂  I am a  mom to two beautiful girls and a super cute Welsh Corgi named Olive. One daughter is married and the other is a Junior in High School.  I worked for many years in an office job doing human resources and payroll.  To answer your question, YES…it was boring.   We sold our business a few years ago and I took my opportunity to find something more personally rewarding to spend my time on.  I got my first DSLR and dove headfirst into photography. I have always been the family photographer and made annual albums of our adventures but didn’t really think I would become quite as obsessed with it as I did.  I read books and watched tutorials and took classes and  just never stopped learning.  I fell in love with macro photography after taking a class and from those macro images I started making  photo mandalas and fell in love with abstract images.  I also love nature and street photography so I am sort of a giant mixed bag!  Anyway, I am so glad you joined me here and I hope you enjoy navigating through my galleries.

You will find out a lot more about me in future blog posts.   I may share technical information about how I achieved certain images. I may get deep and personal with you.  I may tell you about a trip that was memorable. I may swear.  I may share a recipe or I may just talk about what my dog did that made me laugh.  I probably won’t discuss politics though 🙂

I already know the topic of my next blog post.  What is up with my business name??

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