So What’s Up With The Name?

Excellent question! I have been working on this idea for a “brand” of my photography for so long it seems like. I always knew I wanted the E Squared name. It was just deciding whether to put “Designs” or “Photography” after it that was the struggle. Once I started spending more time creating the photo mandalas from my images I knew that E Squared Designs made the most sense.

So why E Squared??

  •  First and foremost, my two girls Emily and Ellie.  Anyone who has had the genius idea to name both of their kids with names that start with the same letter will know that both of them are called either name interchangeably!  For years I just got into the habit when signing family correspondence of simply writing E2 instead of their names.  Partially out of sheer laziness and partially because I liked the look of it 🙂   Side note: The fact that I could not figure out how to type the 2 as the mathematical “squared” symbol next to the E drives me bananas!  It is also why I had to spell out the name E Squared” for the website.  But I digress…..

These two girls give me purpose in life and are really my greatest achievement so they deserve to have a business named in their honor! Coming in at a close second place for greatest achievements would be winning the award for “best actress” in 9th grade for my moving portrayal of Peppermint Patty in the Logan Jr. High production of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.

  • While I am not mathematical in any shape or sense of the word, I AM obsessed with symmetry and lines.  Which is odd considering I almost flunked geometry in Junior High and could not help my kids with math once they got past the 3rd grade.  That is probably why the mandalas appeal to me so much.  I LOVE centered and symmetrical compositions.  In the photography world that is sometimes considered a big “don’t”.   But I am who I am and I stay true to my Voice. So hopefully you will like a lot of centered compositions too!

  • I may or may not have a slight OCD issue.  My family would tell you that there is  absolutely no question about this 🙂  I have been known to spend half an hour on my deck moving patio furniture a quarter inch in either direction so that it is aligned with the center of the railing and the hanging light.  Who am I kidding, I am clearly OCD. I was rearranging my sock drawers when I was 7 years old….  For FUN. The fact that most of my photographs and designs are fairly simple and symmetrical in their composition and lines does not come as a surprise to me!


So there you have it.  You just learned a little bit more about me 🙂

Many thanks to Matt Bogue at Baroque for putting what I had in my mind onto paper to create my logo for me!

Take a gander through my galleries.  All images are available for purchase and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments!



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