A Unique Perspective of Seattle

I love the city of Seattle. And photographically speaking it is a gold mine of opportunity! I try to get there several times a year and spend at least a day wandering around with my camera finding unique ways to capture this gorgeous city.  You really can’t go wrong with Pike Place Market and the Wharf area.  The Chihuly Exhibit near the Space Needle is outstanding and worth a visit. Basically I just like to people watch and I always have to stop at Top Pot Donuts because they are the bomb! Before I got into photography I would love to go to Seattle to shop.  I would spend money on clothes and crap for my house.  Now all of my funds go to camera gear…….I think it was cheaper when I bought clothes.

I have a Lensbaby Sweet 35 lens that is probably one of my favorite lenses for travel and city photography.  It gives a sweet spot of focus and then creates a beautiful blur around that sweet spot.  At least I personally love that look.  It may not be your jam but I am going to share some of my favorites from the last year.  I also did a really fun night photography workshop last month in Seattle but that will be a different post 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

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