Macro Therapy


Time for a little macro therapy share here 🙂  I have no idea why I have felt so overwhelmed with life lately and struggled to find my happy place because I really have no reason at all to ever feel “down”.  My life is pretty damn great.  I have two beautiful, smart, funny daughters. I have a husband who loves me and has worked hard to provide us a more than comfortable life.  I don’t have to work and can just play with my camera (s) whenever I want.  But the reality is that it just happens. When I decided to start a website and write blog posts I promised myself that  I will be real with you all and not pretend like everything in my life is sunshine and roses all the time. Maybe it is because the second anniversary of losing my Dad is tomorrow and it just makes me feel sad.  But whenever I feel like I just can’t deal with life I retreat into my camera and macro.  I found these Parrot Tulips and Ranunculas last week and have spent the last few days documenting them.  It is amazing how just moving around these flowers at different angles for a while can make me feel better and center me.  Anyway…..Happy Macro Monday!


Shot through plexiglass smeared with vaseline

Lensbaby Sweet 35 with macro filters

Plexiglass with Vaseline

Held up a prism to the lens for this effect

Love all the tones of pink and orange that kept changing each day


Reverse freelanced

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  1. Such gorgeous images, Kathy. Macro therapy is my go to too. It puts me in a good place.
    I hear you about loosing a parent. No matter how long ago, it is always a sad day. Hugs.

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